Why do we love Totoro ?

My Neighbor Totoro is the intact Childhood. This sweet time when inconceivable was obvious, where the incongruous was magical, inexplicable, wonderful, mysterious and joyful  ... What happened to this time where every grove was an adventure, where a dusty corner could hide a treasure? Since when did we stop running barefoot in the bushes without worrying about scratches, watching tadpoles wading through puddles?
Thanks to Miyazaki, we can revive these forgotten emotions following Satsuki and Mei, little girls absolutely crisp, radiant... And their new friend, the intriguing Totoro.
The wonderful becomes normal and the emotion can be felt through simple and touching scenes. We laughed, it was the eyes that shine, it is frightening, there is concern, we smiled blissfully, we're happy. I do not know about you but for me, the next time I see acorns lurking on a path under the trees, I'll follow up falling on the spirit of the forest to give him a big hug!!